Did you want some
$AVO with that?

A meme coin so fly and so fresh that you'll want to scoop that dip 🥑

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Swap on Pancake🥞

Make a splash in the market and swap for $AVO directly on Pancake!

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Get ready to $AVO-and-roll on KuCoin with token statistics and price charts!

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Swap on DODO

Grab a chip and scoop the dip on DODO DEX aggregator swap platform!

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When life gives you avocados, make $AVO

$AVO is for the people, for the memes, for the toast, and the chips. It's the age of avocados and the freshest memecoin.

On Binance Smart Chain

For cheaper fees and faster transactions.

No Presale

$AVO is an equal opportunity memecoin.

Max Liquidity

94 percent of $AVO is spread on that LP toast.

Zero Taxes

Everyone hates taxes, why would $AVO be different?

It's time to vibe with the AVOCADONOMICS

Your dollar may be getting destroyed by inflation but $AVO will stay sweet and steady with no taxes or bullshit.

1000 Billion 

Total Tokens Forever!

900 Billion

90% For Liquidity Pools!

100 Billion

10% For Exchanges & Bridges

Zero Tokens

For vesting or shit heads!

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Learn How To
Get Your $AVO On!

Step 1

Create Wallet

Download Metamask, Trustwallet, or another wallet of your choice from the app store or their official website. Make sure to confirm it's the real one to avoid scams!

Step 2

Get Some BNB

Now you need some Binance Smart Chain ! You can buy Binance Smart Chain in most wallets or purchase it on another exchange and send it to your new wallet before getting $AVO!

Step 3

Swap BNB to AVO

Connect to one of the dApps that supports $AVO markets like Trustwallet and PancakeSwap🥞. You can then swap your Binance Smart Chain to $AVO. You may need to adjust slippage!

The $AVO Map

$AVO is a useless memecoin with no intrinsic value and there's no formal team or roadmap but here's a rough scoop!

- $AVO Token Launch And Liquidity Deposit

- CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap Listings

- Grow the $AVO Gang to 1000+ members

- Let's get $AVO Trending on Twitter and other social networks!

- Formation of token gated Discord groups and a public telegram group. Do not join any Discords, Telegrams, or other chats that are no announced by our official Twitter account!

- New Liquidity Pools on other exchanges and CEX listings as $AVO Gang Grows

- $AVO inspired merchandise

- Community inspired expansion and tools

- Profile Picture NFT's to EXPAND THE $AVO Gang!

- Further exchange and cross-network expansion so we can cover the world in  beautiful green $AVO.

Remember this is for the MEME!

$AVO is a meme coin with absolutely no instrinsic value, expectation of financial return, or official roadmap and speculative promises. There is no formal team and this coin is completely useless. We're here for the entertainment purposes only. Would you like some $AVO with that?